SMS campaign

Use SMS for better campaign conversions

SMS marketing typically creates much higher conversions compared to email campaigns and other marketing activities.They increase customer engagement.

They are quick to send and have an immediate impact. Their deliverability rate is off the charts. And they are a great way to surprise your customers with messages and a channel they are not used to in your marketing communications.

Many e-commerce retailers use SMS-sending services. However, only tools like the Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation take other channels into account and have enriched customer data that enables targeting SMSes for instance only to those customers who don’t respond well to email marketing.

Note, though, that even if SMSes can be an effective and suitably surprising way for your customers to reach them, customer data must be used to ensure that the content of the messages is relevant. It is only irrelevant and impersonal messages that maintain the idea of SMSes as spam.

Use case examples from Custobar clients

A 24-hour SMS flash sale offer: reach 38 000 customers, sales total 84 000 €

A Custobar client wanted to notify clients who hadn’t seen their email about a 24-hour flash sale and they were running out of time. The Audience (target segment) was created excluding from the audience the customers who had opened or clicked the Flash Sale email. Next, a short SMS was sent to that segment that had a link to the Flash Sale landing page.

Sending SMS to clients that hate emails: campaign costs 1300€, sales over 200 000€

A home appliance retailer. The campaign: 31k SMSes sent to customers who hadn’t opened campaign emails. Campaign conversion rate: more than 9%.

Re-activating passive customers with an SMS campaign: costs 2800€, ROI 300 000€

The client: an interior design company. The campaign: Reaching out to passive customers with an SMS that included a discount code.

The best part? Many of these types of campaigns can (and should!) be automated. Automated campaigns are making jaw-dropping amounts of money for our clients all on their own.