Custobar WhatsApp integration

Open up a direct line to your customers with WhatsApp and connect with them personally

Engage with your customers on a personal level, increase trust and build stronger relationships directly in their favourite messaging app with Custobar's WhatsApp integration. 

The direct line of communication in the world's most popular messaging app increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion, providing a competitive edge.

Higher engagement rates

Experience significantly higher open rates than traditional email marketing, with some users reporting up to a 2.5x increase. The heightened engagement leads to better customer interaction and higher conversion rates, maximising the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Versatile messaging capabilities

Create impactful marketing

Harness WhatsApp to deliver impactful marketing messages using customisable templates. Achieve diverse objectives such as increasing brand awareness, driving sales, nurturing customer relationships, and executing retargeting strategies.

Enhance customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction by sending utility messages triggered by user actions or requests. Provide timely order confirmations, gather survey feedback, and issue reminders to keep your customers informed and engaged.

Secure interactions with authentication messages

Increase security by utilising WhatsApp for authentication messages. For example, send one-time passcodes to verify users, adding protection to your communications and ensuring a secure user experience.

Interactive features

Take advantage of WhatsApp's interactive features via Custobar's campaign interface. Send rich messages, including images and PDF documents, and use buttons for quick customer responses. These interactive elements can be converted into events usable for automations and flows, creating a dynamic and engaging customer journey.

Opt-in assurance

With an opt-in requirement, ensure that your customers are open to receiving your messages, making your marketing efforts more effective and less intrusive. Opt-in builds trust and ensures higher engagement rates.
Growing your WhatsApp marketing database is straightforward. You can use website opt-in forms, thank you or checkout pages in your web store, email messages, or Custobar's SMS reply feature.