AVA's successful e-commerce journey: Boosting revenue and delighting customers with Custobar

AVA's successful e-commerce journey: Boosting revenue and delighting customers with Custobar

AVA is a Belgian retailer with over 50 stores and a successful online shop. The family-run business offers everything to make every moment in life unique: birth, birthday, communion, anniversary and other celebratory moments. The DIY, hobby and office supplies department also provides everything to make it happen.

Customers first, online and offline

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, driving revenue growth and ensuring customer satisfaction are top priorities for businesses. AVA has achieved remarkable success in both these areas by leveraging the power of Custobar, a comprehensive customer data platform.

Due to AVA’s diverse offering, their customer base naturally has a broad range of customer behaviour:

  • one-time buyers,
  • customers who buy only occasionally,
  • customers who regularly make the same repeat purchases or
  • customers who just specifically buy products from one brand range or occasion.

AVA wanted to reach all of them with messages specifically tailored to meet their needs and interests.

In addition, AVA wanted to combine sales data from their brick-and-mortar stores and their e-commerce business and make it actionable – one of Custobar’s key features.

“By combining data from offline and online sales within one tool, Custobar enables us to have a truly holistic view of our customers and makes all customer data easily accessible. Especially Custobar’s RFM matrix has proven to be indispensable: It combines all relevant data and makes it usable for campaigns immediately.” Julie Dragon, Digital Marketer AVA

Here's an example of a newsletter campaign that AVA created right out of the RFM matrix.

Surging e-commerce with (automated) email marketing

The biggest continuous success for AVA is the steadily growing revenue from the e-commerce side of the business ever since they took Custobar into use. In general, Marketing Automation saves them time guiding customers to their website, and specific email automations, such as abandoned shopping cart reminders, have proven effective for AVA.

Moreover, AVA’s regular targeted newsletters receive outstanding results. One example is a newsletter sent to a specific group of VIP customers. While, according to Mailchimp, for example, B2C newsletters in the hobby sector reach average opening rates of around 27 %, AVA could almost double this with an opening rate of more than 43 %. Click rates are usually around 5 %, while 7,6 % of AVA’s recipients engaged with the newsletter content, and the average conversion rate of 3 % is more than three times higher in AVA’s example (10,3 %).

“The results of the targeted campaign to our VIP customers just speak for themselves. We could have never reached those KPIs with a basic email marketing tool. And still, there are many possibilities to improve even further, for example, with the implementation of product recommendations.” Julie Dragon, Digital Marketer AVA

Custobar’s customer approach

During the five years of working together, AVA learned to appreciate especially the customer approach Custobar follows and the steady team taking care of the customers.

“Our contact persons at Custobar are easily accessible, and if we ever need help, we get it really quickly. I appreciate that and the fact that Custobar is not one of those companies that just let their clients figure out everything by themselves but provide continuous support.” Julie Dragon, Digital Marketer AVA

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