Enhancing efficiency through a comprehensive marketing solution for omnichannel retail

Enhancing efficiency through a comprehensive marketing solution for omnichannel retail

The Body Shop is an international beauty brand founded in the UK in 1976. The company entered the Finnish market in 1981 and has 20 physical stores and an online presence in the Nordic country. The Body Shop is renowned for its ethically sourced, natural ingredients in a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products. It's well-known for its commitment to cruelty-free products and campaigns for social and environmental causes.

Enhancing efficiency through a comprehensive marketing solution for omnichannel retail

When The Body Shop started investigating potential marketing solutions, Custobar stood out from competitors by its unique capabilities for omnichannel retailers. The platform not only provides all the tools needed to engage in marketing across channels but also connects the world of online and offline, unifying customer data and making it accessible.

Having an integrated system enables The Body Shop to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours across sales channels. This information is used to create a seamless shopping experience for customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Another advantage is the potential for personalised marketing. The Body Shop tailors its marketing efforts to individual preferences by tracking customer behaviour across different channels.

Streamlining daily tasks through the use of a practical email editor and effortless marketing automation

The Body Shop's marketing team sends out multiple newsletters weekly, and requires a user-friendly and efficient tool to facilitate rapid content creation. This necessity for speed and usability makes Custobar an ideal solution. Custobar's intuitive design and powerful content creation tools enable The Body Shop to streamline their newsletter production process, ensuring they can keep their audience engaged with fresh and relevant content without compromising quality or time. By utilising Custobar, The Body Shop can effortlessly maintain its communication strategy and enhance customer engagement.

In addition to manual newsletter distributions, The Body Shop leverages automation to deliver personalised service through birthday emails, abandoned basket reminders, and product review prompts, ensuring high customer engagement rates.

Example 1: Activating passive customers

The Body Shop has implemented a highly effective automation strategy for re-engaging passive customers. This strategy involves sending automated emails at intervals of 90, 180, 270, and 365 days, with the objective of reactivating these customers into making purchases again. This approach has markedly boosted sales and strengthened the brand's community ties, cultivating a deeper sense of consumer loyalty and engagement. These automated emails have achieved click-through rates of around 35% and conversion rates reaching 3.5%, activating around 2,000 clients that would otherwise have been passive to make a purchase.

Example 2: Personalised birthday greetings

The Body Shop also excels in utilising automation for sending personalised birthday greetings, proof of their smart use of customer data. These tailored messages resonate on a personal level and achieve impressive engagement, with a click-through rate exceeding 40% and a conversion rate of 3.6%.

Customer support that provides exceptional added value and always stands by your side

To truly empower clients to leverage a tool fully, it is not just about the software's capabilities but also the support and insights that come with it. The Body Shop acknowledges the extraordinary customer support that Custobar delivers.