M Room uses Custobar to serve their customers better

M Room uses Custobar to serve their customers better

M Room uses Custobar to serve their customers better

There are three main reasons why M Room, a high-quality barber services and products company for men, has been using Custobar since 2018: usability, pricing, and being simply the best marketing automation platform for customer service businesses. Or, as Niko Sandell, M Room’s CMO puts it:

Custobar is the best and most cost-effective marketing automation platform for B2C businesses in the market. When it comes to martech, Custobar will exceed all your expectations.

For M Room, implementing Custobar has
  • Raised email marketing open rate to 60 % and click conversion to more than 30 %.
  • Shaved 5 minutes off of membership purchasing customer’s service time freeing time for more important and profitable customer services. In a company with more than 50 000 customers per month and more than 20 000 members just in Finland, these five-minute-saves-per-membership are game-changing.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with automated reminders when membership is ending, which was something that customers asked for.

Challenge – finding flexibility, usability, and the right price

M Room has disrupted the barber business from the start. Since its establishment in Finland in 2008, the company has wanted to revolutionize both the business and its customer experience. It has successfully done so across Scandinavia, Europe, and the US. M Room is the biggest barber chain in Europe with more than 75 shops and a webstore. The company needed an easy-to-use, adaptable marketing automation system, that would suit the specific needs of a company with both brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce.

“The challenge for B2C businesses is finding a system that would be developed with retail in mind and that could be adapted to the needs of specific businesses”, Niko Sandell says. “Platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot and others are also too expensive and complex to use. Our size businesses cannot afford to have personnel assigned just for marketing automation.”

Custobar easily made the cut for M Room.

“Custobar is perfect for a B2C business. Both pricing and adaptability to our needs is great. Easiness to use was also a factor in choosing Custobar”, Sandell explains. “Anyone can use Custobar, with virtually no training and no technical background.”

Solutions, even inventing new ones

Niko Sandell has been most impressed with the analytics Custobar provides. They get real time multichannel customer data, which is exceptional in a marketing automation tool. Then again, Custobar is not a mere marketing automation system, it is also a customer data platform.

M Room is also very happy with Custobar’s customer service and Custobar’s willingness to take the software to new levels.

“All the basics are superb”, Sandell tells. “But the way Custobar is future-oriented is phenomenal. Whereas talk of new technologies, applications and APIs usually gets the bigger players to back down, the message from Custobar is ‘Cool, let’s do this!’”

Find out more about some of the Custobar features that M Room is using. You can also just get started with our 30-day free trial or book a demo.