Personalised email marketing brought customer turnover for La mer

Personalised email marketing brought customer turnover for La mer

We chose Custobar as our Customer Data Platform because of its features, affordability, and integration with our Shopware online shop and Google Analytics.

Nicole Queitzsch Junior Online Marketing Manager, La mer

La mer x Custobar: a success story

La mer’s astonishing performance after implementing Custobar in 2020 is down to their strategic way of using it. The results were amazing:

  • A 63% increase in repeat customer revenue, improving customer retention significantly.
  • Conversion rates of 30% for both generic and automated campaigns.
  • The share of email marketing in total revenue doubled, from 11.5% to 23.8%, reaching 26.2% in 2022.
  • With email open rates of 36% and click-through rates of 6.5%, La mer's newsletters far outperform the industry benchmark for beauty and personal care (16.7% and 1.9% respectively, according to Mailchimp).

While implementing Custobar may require some additional effort compared to standard email marketing tools, the results speak for themselves!

Nicole Queitzsch Junior Online Marketing Manager, La mer

The makings of revenue-creating email automations

With the Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation system, La mer gained detailed insights into their customer profiles. That enables them to communicate with their target audiences individually across different channels.

La mer’s email marketing has been transformed. They now use Custobar’s inbuilt marketing automation for personalised communication, the likes of

  • birthday emails
  • messages to customer loyalty program Waves de La mer members
  • welcome messages to new customers
  • reactivation messages for inactive customers, and
  • automated reminders for abandoned carts.

Thanks to the product feed and the fixed elements in Custobar's newsletter tool, we can create our newsletters quickly and personalise them easily. All customer data converges in the tool, which makes it much easier to address our customers individually.

Nicole Queitzsch Junior Online Marketing Manager, La mer

Here’s an example of a La mer Birthday Newsletter

For the upcoming year, La mer’s goal is to further customise their customer communications based on the customer’s skin type.

La mer’s search for the right tool to overcome email marketing limitations

La mer used to rely solely on email marketing. They would send generic newsletters with the same content to all customers. That is, before integrating Custobar's Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation system into their Shopware online shop. With the previous tools La mer faced limitations in setting up automations, analysing customer data, and sending personalised messages.

In their search for a suitable tool for personalised customer communication, La mer realised that a standard email marketing platform was not enough. They needed a platform that could consolidate and analyse customer data in one place, and Custobar's Customer Data Platform (CDP) stood out as the right choice after thorough research and many personal recommendations.

About La mer

La mer Cosmetics is a medium-sized company based in Northern Germany that creates and sells skincare products. Their products are known for their exclusive La mer sea silt extract and marine-derived active ingredients that cater to various skin needs. La mer cosmetics can be purchased from their online shop, as well as from pharmacies, beauty salons, and spas across Germany and Western Europe.