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What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Are you lost in the jungle of different marketing technologies? What would be the best tool for your business to improve customer experience and thus get more sales? After reading this Customer Data Platform (CDP) white paper, you’ll know how to collect and utilize data to serve your customers better.

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Many companies are facing the same problem: they aim to do data-driven marketing, but the customer data is scattered in different software systems, and thus it’s not actionable. Companies have all the data they need, but without a proper tool to analyze it, the data is only letters and numbers.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the only platform that always merges customer data from all different touchpoints into one customer profile. CDPs have many different features to help marketers in segmentation, targeting and learning about their customers’ needs. Only when the data turns into insights can we talk about genuinely data-driven and personalized marketing communications. The more you know about a customer’s behaviour, interests and purchase history, the better you can retain them as customers.

In this white paper, we’ll explain with concrete examples

  • What the key capabilities of CDPs are
  • Which problems it solves, and
  • Why utilizing data is vital for your business

We also compared the customer data and marketing automation-related acronyms like ERP, CRM and DMP with Customer Data Platform, so it’s easier to understand the difference of all these tools.