Email deliverability and gatekeepers you might not be aware of

What the white paper is about

Email deliverability rate - apart from email delivery rate - is the field of evaluating whether or not your email marketing messages, transactional messages, and other emails actually reach your customers. There are four critical areas to email deliverability, and they all have an impact.

Why you should care

There is more to email marketing metrics than meets the eye. Deliverability makes email marketing unique from other marketing media and strategies in a way that renders them impossible to copy or directly transfer onto an email marketing strategy. Furthermore, email deliverability needs constant care and monitoring.

This white paper will:

  •  teach you to look out for poor email deliverability indicators and warning signs
  • equip you with tools to understand and avoid deliverability issues
  • provide you with a checklist of actions to take to get your key email marketing metrics and conversion on the rise again

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