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Do you sell both in retail stores and online? Do you have a loyalty program? Custobar is the only salestool that collects data from all sources. It can turn anyone into a sales champion.


Finnish fashion and clothing chain Kekäle has specialised in selling clothes from the world's leading brands since 1957.

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“We are often ask which ad agency we use to create our e-mail campaigns because they look so good. The surprise is great when we tell them about the task we do with Custobar.

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Take a look at the video to see how Pentik planned an opening event for their latest retail store, using customer data to find the ideal guests and contact them in the way they’d pay most attention to.

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Levykauppa Äx

When I got Custobar running two years ago, I stopped all print advertising. Levykauppa Äx was famous nation-wide for its hilarious print ads. It had become eaten alive. I moved everything to social media and Custobar. Now, our staff sends 100-200 different messages per month through Custobar. The secret is that it is so easy and motivating to use. You see the results the following day. Sometimes the conversion rates are just insane; 40 % is not unheard of.

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“Our monthly average email conversion grew from 0,18% to 3,98% after taking Custobar into use, which is over 2200% increase!"

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