Customer success always comes first

Whether they are big stock listed retail companies with hundreds of stores or smaller dynamic B2C service and e-commerce companies, most businesses have identified the need to know their customers. They have realized that the key to successful targeted marketing is effectively using data from all touchpoints and sources. And that is why they have chosen Custobar.

M Room

M Room uses Custobar to serve their customers better

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62 % increase in the repurchase rate year over year since started with Custobar

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"For us, choosing Custobar was motivated by being able to use all possible customer data from all the different sources."

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“Our monthly average email conversion grew from 0,18% to 3,98% after taking Custobar into use, which is over 2200% increase!"

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Pentik - The perfect opening

Take a look how Pentik planned an opening event for their latest retail store, using customer data to find the ideal guests and contact them in the way they’d pay most attention to.

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Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

The product and the business idea are brilliant. Genuine desire to listen customers' needs will drive product development forward and in the right direction.

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"We are often asked which ad agency we use to create our email campaigns because they look so good. The surprise is great when we tell them about the task we do with Custobar."

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Levykauppa Äx is the master of its own data and destiny

"We also have to master our own data – shopping history, browsing history; we just have to have it"

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Bauhof is unifying online and offline data for a better customer experience.

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