April 2020 release notes

April 16, 2020 Custobar news

April 2020 release notes

Here's what's new with Custobar! April 2020 release of Custobar contains a new and refreshed Cohorts view, improvements to campaign editing, and new statistics as well as many minor performance improvements. Don't worry if these don't ring a bell. We'll go through the features and their benefits below!

Change on date_joined

Custobar will not guess the customer's date_joined field value anymore. If you leave the date_joined field empty, the date will no longer be set automatically when the customer has been created or they receive their first sale or action.

If you are not providing date_joined, you may use cb_created_at to see when a customer was initially imported to Custobar.

Please note: if you are currently running automation using date_joined, this change means that in the rare cases when the date_joined has not been defined, the customer profile will not trigger the campaign.
Please contact for assistance with said automations.

Cohort analysis

The cohort analysis view has been refreshed and brought back! To access the Cohort view, click "Cohort analysis" on the Customer menu.

Cohorts are a great way to track customer retention. Custobar's cohorts view shows you how many customers are left at the end of each month after they initially signed up. If you, for example, have a discount campaign during Black Friday and get a bunch of new customers, with the Cohort analysis, you can track which percentage of the new customers are buying from you also in the future.

In the renewed Cohorts view, you can filter cohorts by audiences and display the cohorts based on either sales or activity events.

To get a deeper understanding and find out the business benefits of the cohort analysis, read more here.

SMS sender selection

You may now add additional SMS sender names and numbers in the Advanced settings view and choose one of them when creating an SMS campaign.

To select a new sender name, simply click "choose" next to the sender name in the SMS content editor and you will open an SMS sender number menu like the one in the picture below. The topmost text (Example Brand Delivery) is the sender name that will be shown to the customer and the text below (Delivery notification) is only visible to you, a Custobar user.

Please note: Two-way SMS is on by default. However, your customers can reply to your SMSes only if the sender is a phone number, not a name
More information can be found here.

Filter products by any product field

You may now filter products available for campaigns with any configured product field. Previously it was possible to limit products only by a shop identifier.

If you are running campaigns for different brands in Custobar, you can now mark the products in the product data for belonging in a particular brand and thus be available only for campaigns on that brand.

To filter the products, go to the template settings and add your criteria to the "Product filtering" section.

Additional campaign stats

Campaign statistics

We've split the sold product statistics in the campaign statistics view into products that were promoted in the campaign and other products.

The new statistics include campaign product revenue, the number of campaign products sold, other product revenue, and the number of other products sold.

The total products sold statistic has been removed as it is a sum of campaign products and other products sold.

Campaign comparison

Additionally, a total campaign sales figure has been added to the campaign action comparison view.

Campaign editor save button behaviour

The save button behaviour in the Campaign content editor has been changed. Previously clicking the default button would exit the editor, but it has been changed to allow marketing managers to continue editing the action content.

To return to the campaign overview, click the cross on the right side of the save button.

Password complexity raised

The complexity requirement of new passwords has been raised. The new password must be even more unguessable than before.