Custobar and Nordic Morning partner up

June 11, 2020 Custobar news

Custobar and Nordic Morning partner up

Custobar is excited to announce that we have officially partnered up with Nordic Morning, the company specializing in driving digital growth through data-driven marketing. Our common goal is to help our customers reach new heights in digitalization and data-driven marketing, where we still see a lot of potential for improvement.

After several years of collaborating with Nordic Morning and our common customers, we have taken the step to officially partner up in order to develop our cooperation further. "We have seen our customers get great results when working with Nordic Morning, and also our mutual collaboration has worked well, so we really wanted to work together with them. They are not only helping our customers to commercial success but also give us notable input and ideas - an epitome of a great partnership." Says Aleksi Montonen, the Head of Business Development at Custobar.

"Custobar truly embodies the term "partner", and we're really lucky at Nordic Morning to have such a dedicated partner working with us to ensure an outstanding experience for our clients," said Timo Kovala, Nordic Morning's Senior Marketing Automation Specialist. From Custobar's perspective, we have always been delighted to receive valuable feedback and product development ideas from the Nordic Morning team, who are experts in this field.

"Custobar is in a magical sweet spot in that they can play in the big leagues and still retain the agile development cycles of a tech startup." -Timo Kovala, Nordic Morning

Our collaboration with Nordic Morning came naturally from working with common customers like M Room and Vepsäläinen. With a dedicated partner like them, we are sure that our mutual customers will reap the benefits of digitalization also in the future.

If you would like to hear more about Nordic Morning and the partnership, please contact Custobar's Head of Business Development Aleksi at