Flow Solutions X Custobar: Focusing on quality over quantity

July 13, 2023 Custobar news Testimonial Partner testimonial Shopware

Flow Solutions X Custobar: Focusing on quality over quantity

Several factors drove the decision to partner with Custobar. Flow Solutions sought to expand its network of partners while focusing on quality over quantity. Instead of pursuing a broad network, they aimed to establish strategic alliances with a few partners who could enhance their services.

Custobar emerged as an ideal partner due to its specialisation in combining offline and online customer data within one platform, which perfectly complemented Flow Solution’s offering. This partnership allowed them to offer their clients a comprehensive and seamless experience.

Furthermore, the accessibility of partners played a crucial role in the decision-making process. The company believed that apart from being available for sales-related matters, partners should also provide a strong technical support team. Custobar stood out in this aspect as they had a dedicated sales team and a readily available group of technical experts to assist clients.

By forging a partnership with Custobar, the company has bolstered its capabilities and can now provide its clients with more comprehensive and well-rounded solutions. The partnership is expected to bring mutual benefits and enable Flow Solutions to deliver even better results for its customers.

We decided to partner with Custobar for several reasons. Firstly, we recognized the importance of finding partners who can complement our services and add value to our offerings. Instead of simply building a broad network, we focused on finding a select few partners who align with our values, goals and expertise.

Tommy Sparøy, Head of Sales & Partnership at Flow Solutions

The partnership between Flow Solutions and Custobar offers significant benefits to their clients. Through this collaboration, clients gain access to a more comprehensive and integrated solution that combines the Flow Solutions’ expertise in segmentation and Custobar's proficiency in combining data from offline and online sales. This synergy allows for a more targeted and personalised approach to customer engagement and marketing strategies.

A seamless system for online and offline channels

One of the challenges Flow Solutions faced was creating a seamless system that could effectively operate across both online and offline channels. In other words, all customer data from eCommerce (browsing, abandoned carts, purchase history, etc.) and other online data is combined with purchases and other data from brick-and-mortar stores. One crucial aspect is a unique identifier that can accurately track and connect customer interactions across these channels. This is where Custobar's expertise came into play.

Flow Solutions currently works on integrating its point-of-sale (POS) systems Flow Retail with Custobar. The successful integration of Flow Retail with the company's platform will be a significant milestone, as it provides a perfect solution for tracking and following customers across various channels. The integration will ensure that customer data seamlessly flows between online and offline touchpoints, enabling a holistic view of customer behaviour and preferences.

As a provider of both our own POS Flow Retail and Shopware for eCommerce, we needed a user-friendly CDP platform that would let us help our clients connect their customers across both channels. With the help of Custobar we are able to achieve just that, and so much more, and we are very happy to work with the fantastic team at Custobar.

Roy-Andre Tollefsen, Head of eCom and R&D at Flow Solutions

By partnering with Custobar, Flow Solutions showcases its commitment to providing seamless and efficient solutions for its clients. Additionally, Custobar’s Shopware integration enhances the overall user experience and streamlines the process of managing and analysing customer data.

About Flow Solutions

Flow Solutions is a technology company headquartered in Sandnes, Norway. They develop and deliver Flow Retail, a POS and store data platform for chain stores, and also provide online shops via the German E-Commerce platform Shopware. Flow Solutions has cooperated with Custobar since 2022, helping customers integrate online and offline customer data.