How to grow your bottom line with AI and customer data?

How to grow your bottom line with AI and customer data?

Marketing is all about testing and experimenting. To do smart marketing, you have to know the right segments, the best time and the most suitable channel to contact the right people. You have to send only relevant messages and optimize the campaigns whenever you can. The words tracking and analyzing come out your mouth in the first remote meeting of the day. But it’s not always that easy, is it?


What if there was something to ease your workload? We all know what marketing automation is. But have you heard of the automation of marketing automation? Hold tight, we’ll take you on a quick tour into the world of AI. In this blog, we’ll keep the tech jargon at bay. Instead, we’ll concentrate on the marketing perspective and business benefits of integrating AI to your customer data platform like Custobar. But if techy details are what you thirst after, you can find them on our Integrations page.

AI + Customer data platform = Automation of Marketing Automation

Customer data platform (CDP) combines all your customer data from, for example, eCommerce, stores and app in one place. When your CDP is connected to AI, the AI will have a vast data pool to play with. This data is the fuel AI uses to automate processes, predict customer behaviour and optimize what message to send, through what channel and at what time.

Example use cases

When AI is integrated into your customer data platform it changes workflows entirely - both your teams' and the actual customer dialogue. Here's how:

Business benefits of using AI in marketing automation

AI takes data-based marketing to a whole new level. As stated above, it can predict what your customers like and how they will act and optimize your messaging accordingly. When there are less guessing and more data-based decisions, it will result in better conversions. AI optimizing the campaigns will also save you valuable working time.

Using AI to process customer data enables truly personalized marketing that customers want to receive. When your customers are not bombarded with messages they are not interested in, they are more likely to continue reading your newsletter, for example. Sending only relevant messages is vital, first of all, because you are more likely to delight your customers than annoy them and second, you will maintain an important channel to reach your customers also in the future. In other words, more personal customer communication improves customer retention. It allows you to engage and serve your customers better.

How Kotipizza utilizes AI in its marketing communications?

Nordic’s biggest pizza chain Kotipizza is utilizing AI to serve their customers better by optimizing their communication and marketing messages. The company uses Custobar as their CDP and our partner Houston Analytics’ Armstrong One as an AI solution that predicts customer behaviour on an individual level. Armstrong One continually analyses the data, learns from it and perfects its action.

Kotipizza utilizes the CDP and AI combination, for example, in personalized timing of the messages and product recommendations based on their customers’ buying behaviour. Meat lovers will be reminded of the three meat pizzas and vegetarians of the new pizzas that include their favourite ingredient.

Kotipizza utilizes AI-based marketing automation also in win-back messages. AI continuously analyses vast amounts of data and searches for similarities in customer behaviour patterns and so triggers the win back messages (e.g. email & SMS) in the right time to work up an appetite of the customers who haven’t ordered pizza for a while. If the person orders a pizza every Friday and suddenly stops, he will get a win back message a lot sooner than a person who only buys a pizza two times a year.

So how does it work? Good question. It works like a charm. To give some taste, AI supercharges dialogue performance on average by 8,3 times.

How’s that for whetting your appetite?