Improve customer experience with transactional messages

Improve customer experience with transactional messages

Learn what transactional messaging is all about, how it helps you to serve your customers better and saves time from unnecessary manual work.

Whilst traditional marketing messaging targets wider audiences, for example, seasonally or based on a custom audience, transactional messaging targets a customer based on a transaction they have initiated themselves. For example, a customer has placed an order and receives an order confirmation in their email or the customer has forgotten their account password, hits the “recover password” -button, and gets a recovery email. In other words, transactional messages fire strictly based on events that the customer creates with their actions and can include all the needed data from the actual transaction. Transactional messages do not require marketing permission since they contain information that is necessary to your customer.

A significant benefit of the transactional messages is that since the customer’s actions fire the messages, they can reach the customer in minutes after the event has occurred. Also, since the message content is configured, the data included in the message is fetched automatically without any manual work. Another important benefit is that transactional messages do not support web links such as “open email in a browser” since they may contain sensitive data. This way, you avoid any unnecessary risks with data security.

Top-4 Benefits of sending your transactional messages from Custobar:

1. Custobar’s transactional messages are visually more appealing than the cold, fully systemized messages from your eCommerce platform.

2. You can add personalized content such as product recommendations in your messages.

3. Your customer service can easily find out if a customer got the message, and if not, they can track the reason behind it, e.g. incorrect email address or phone number.

4. Clear statistics on whether your emails actually reach your customers’ inboxes or not.

A few examples of transactional messaging

Order confirmation or receipt

After purchase, send your customer an order confirmation or receipt. This usually contains customer-specific dynamic data like a list of products or services purchased along with their prices, breakdown of tax, orderer information, delivery address, delivery method and payment information.

Customer feedback

Ask for customer feedback, for example, a few days after purchase or at any other meaningful point of the customer lifecycle. Custobar’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) add-on gives you a holistic view on how your customers are doing, making all of the data readily available in Custobar, or you can use some other customer feedback tool.

Password reset

As simple as it sounds, your customer asks to reset their password, and you will send them a password reset email. Usually, this email contains a customer-specific, limited-time link to your webstore or online service, but eventually, it’s up to how your service works.

Notification messages

There’s no limit to what notification emails or SMSs can be! Maybe your customer moved to a new level in your loyalty program, maybe their points are expiring soon, or their subscription is going to renew automatically in a while. These messages are often related to your customer’s lifecycle, and the information contained in the messages is necessary for your customer to know.

Double opt-in

With a double opt-in message, you can confirm that the user who signed up to your email marketing list is whom they say they are. It’s an email with a link to click and confirm the subscription, and a great way to verify that you have their consent to message them also in the future.

Marketing automation: Abandoned cart

An abandoned cart is a transactional message in the sense that it is triggered by the customer’s action of abandoning their cart and not finishing shopping. At the same time, it’s not necessary for the customer, and so it requires marketing permission. Abandoned cart messages usually contain a list of the products left in the cart and a link to finish the purchase. You might even want to try out offering a discount for completing the purchase immediately.

Custobar client, uplift your transactional messaging

Send your transactional messages from Custobar to make them look better, be trackable by your customer service, improve delivery reliability and, even, make more money on the messages.

Transactional emails need to be sent out from a different IP address than your marketing emails, so we recommend you get in touch with our Customer Success at before getting started or pick one of our full-service packages for transactional messages.