Release Notes August 2020

September 3, 2020 Custobar news

Release Notes August 2020

Here's what's new in Custobar in August! This month is lighter in new features giving you more time to check the latest integrations available here!

New Features

Products as sub-objects

You can now define product as a property type for a customer or event.

What does this mean concretely? Well, it means that you can now send a set of products unique for each customer as part of the customer attributes, and use this data in your campaigns as you would with regular products!

The products themselves can be managed just by adding or removing product identifiers, rather than the whole object. These properties are expanded as whole products for search and email rendering.

Other enhancements

  • Open and click statistics in campaign detail view are now clickable and take you directly to the matching customer search with appropriate filters.
  • Push campaign statistics now show the target server's error message if calling the webhook fails.
  • CTA buttons are now validated in email content, preventing you from activating a campaign with buttons that would be missing a redirect link or that have a broken url.