Release Notes July 2020

July 14, 2020 Custobar news

Release Notes July 2020

Here's what's new with Custobar this month! No drastic changes, just some enhancements to smoothen your work.

Live statistics of sent emails and SMSes for enterprise customers

In the settings overview, you can now see the number of sent emails and SMSes for the current month and for the previous month. This will help you to plan the email package usage for the remainder of the month.

Image proxy settings for Custobar Standard clients

The image proxy settings are now configurable in the settings also in the Custobar Standard version. This means that you can change the default settings of the newsletter pictures yourself.

The variables that can be set are

  • Image source domain
  • Image size in pixels (width + height)
  • Background fill colour
  • Image aspect ratio
    • When "Resize and center..." is selected, it makes the source image to fit inside a square while filling the empty and translucent areas with the background fill colour.
    • The second option: "Resize the source image to be at most given width" means that the width of the image is fixed by default but the height might change when the photo is automatically scaled.

Accidental volume sending prevention

When activating an email campaign, Custobar will now warn you if you've previously sent less than 100k messages during the past month, to avoid messages from ending up to spam. In case you have had a pause in sending emails, it might be needed to warm up the sending ip-addresses again. Read more about warming up the IP process.

Other smaller enhancements

  • When importing sales through "Import data", it's now possible to import sales with email or phone_number as customer identification. Previously the sale_customer_id was required.
    • This is now in line with the API, which allowed importing the sales with email or phone_number previously.
  • Dashboard overview page "All customers" redirects now to the customer search while clearing the existing search. Previously the current search was preserved.
  • The Italian language has been added as an option for unsubscribe pages.