What's new in Custobar in April 2021?

What's new in Custobar in April 2021?

Here you can find what's new in Custobar and what kind of enhancements have been made lately!


This enhancement is almost a new feature all by itself! You can now use the search criteria audience_key in the customer search. It enables you to build audiences made of audiences: as long as you have one value per block, you will be able to combine the members of different audiences using the field audience_key.


Improved sending schedule

  • You can now pick from 15 sec, 30 sec and 45 sec options for delaying email sending to allow tighter sending schedule


Sale identifier

Sale identifier is now visible on the sale detail page. It is no longer needed to copy the ID from the URL, but the in-store users, for example, can now see it directly from the sales.