What's new in Custobar in August 2021?

What's new in Custobar in August 2021?

Here you can find what's new in Custobar and what kind of enhancements have been made during the summer.

Fresh for WooCommerce

Hello to those hustling with WooCommerce. Our new WooCommerce plugin is out, and you can get it from Github.

We've actually released not one but two new versions recently:

in 2.3.0

  • Added support for two-way sync of marketing permissions via webhook.
  • Added email and marketing permission fields to Checkout and My Account.
  • Improved error handling and logging
  • Limited the rate at which requests are sent to Custobar

in 2.4.0

  • Rebuilt export tool, which now uses action scheduler to run export as a background process.

Our Customer Success team posted their photos online

They also reorganised all of the User Guides and Docs. But we all know which is more interesting. They’re beautiful people in and out.

Bigger (chunks), better (performance), faster (speed), stronger (SMS)!

You guys sent out a record number of SMS messages in June; cheers to that! We didn’t laze around either but optimised the SMS sending from Custobar. The audiences are now fetched in chunks, and outlet messages are written in chunks, and in the world of SMS sending there’s nothing better than chunky chunks. It means that sending big SMS campaigns from Custobar now works better than ever.

Reasons for leaving - now available for longer than a month

So a customer did it and decided to unsubscribe :/ We have a new feature available for those of you who like to wallow in the “why did you leave me”? You can now easily view email unsubscribe reports for more than one month in the past. You can actually pick the dates you would like to view. Go on and browse the unsubscribe reports you masochist you.

I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat

If you wish you were a little bit taller or wish you were a baller, we can’t help you. But if your customer wishes for a rabbit in a hat with a bat, Custobar’s product recommendations add-on and its magic products filters can.

Suppose you are already using the product recommendations add-on in your emails. In that case, you probably know that when you drag the “rabbit in a hat” icon to a product module, Custobar will return a personalised recommendation to an individual recipient in that slot.

Enter magic products! With this feature, you can now also add filters to the recommended product by yourself. For example, if you would like to recommend a product from a specific category (e.g. your selection of rabbits in a hat with a bat). Check out Nanny’s great magic products guide.

Push campaigns triggered by Flow

No, we didn’t mean triggered like that. Push campaigns and Flow are on good terms, actually better than ever. You can now use Flow to trigger push campaigns in Custobar. If you’re new to Flow and don’t know how to do that, we recommend Chadi’s excellent video tutorial.

MAIL_CLICK meets UTM tags

In a world that has become less accepting of cookies, we’re providing you with other ways to target marketing, automations and collect data.

When someone clicks on a link in an email you sent from Custobar, a new MAIL_CLICK event appears in your Custobar app. And now the MAIL_CLICK event contains even more exciting tracking data: UTM tags.

Combine MAIL_CLICK and BROWSE event UTM tag data, and boom, learn so much more about your customers.

Bug fixes

  • Email automations with a huge audience could not be stopped previously without Custobar intervention. Now they can, so it’s ok to change your mind about whom to email.
  • Flow had difficulties understanding that date (e.g. 16.08.2021) and datetime (e.g. 16.08.2021 14:11) are basically the same things: a moment in time. Flow has now had a lesson in equality, and it can interchange date and datetime with each other.