What’s new in Custobar in December 2022?

December 2, 2022 Custobar news

What’s new in Custobar in December 2022?

Our gift to you this December is a secret weapon to become a Flow expert in a few clicks!

Become a Flow expert with the new Wizard

It’s been a while now since we released the Flow feature in Custobar.
And if one thing is clear, it is that this can be quite an intimidating tool for a first-timer. And even a second-timer.
We sat down for a minute and realized that sometimes it is about the destination, not the journey.

So, we brewed up a few use case templates you might find interesting, and built a shiny new Wizard that allows you to fill up the parameters to tailor the template to your needs. Once set, fire and forget!

The Wizard is currently deploying to all Custobar accounts, to access it simply create a new path and choose to use pre-existing templates.

Effortless GDPR compliance

One thing we truly care about is compliance with data protection. You might have yourself emitted or received a subject access request? Bottom line is, we made it easy for you to create a copy of all the personal data and supplementary information that has been gathered and stored about a customer. Here is the guide to retrieve it as a neat package in a few clicks!

And we still have a couple of options to delete customer profiles, one of which is specifically intended for GDPR removal requests.

Thanks for making it this far!

Yours truly, Product Owners Marika and Chadi, and the whole team of Custobarians