What's new in Custobar in June 2021?

May 24, 2021 Custobar news

What's new in Custobar in June 2021?

Here you can find what's new in Custobar and what kind of enhancements have been made this month.

How to pick your own icon for Content templates?

To quickly identify different kinds of Content templates from each other in the email editor, you can now upload your own icons into Custobar when creating new templates. For example, you could differentiate your sale email templates from all other email templates with a specific icon.The video says it all in just two minutes.

Please note that this is not a guide on how to create content templates in full. To see how to do that, check our Content templates user guide.

Shopware version compatibility

Minimum supported Shopware version is now 5.6.6 due to their api versioning. The Shopware itself is now at version 6.3.5.

Reusing campaign audiences

  • Reusing the campaign audiences is a lot easier now. You may copy an audience and save it or start a new campaign with it from the customer search.
  • To copy an audience tied to a campaign draft, simply click "copy" in the dropdown.


The audience is now copied and disconnected from any drafts so you can reuse or save it for future use.


Other updates

  • Also Custobar Standard clients can now choose their preferred interface language from the settings page. The languages to choose from are: English, German, Finnish, French and Dutch.
  • Estonian and Latvian translations are added to the unsubscribe page.