What’s up with Custobar in September 2021?

October 15, 2021 Custobar news

What’s up with Custobar in September 2021?

A lot was up with Custobar in September. We got excited about one new eCommerce platform and are soon ready to pilot it. We made it easier for you to stop emailing passive customers. And we made some improvements to the campaign stats, too!

Shopware 6: Hi 😊

Custobar: Let’s connect 😍😍😍

We saw Shopware 6’s APIs and instantly wanted to connect! And so, we are already working on Custobar / Shopware 6 integration. In case you haven’t met yet, Shopware 6 is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Germany and Central Europe.

Are you into Shopware 6, too? Contact to join our pilot.

Finding out the push campaign conversion is no longer a pain in the ***

We admit, finding out the conversion % of push campaigns used to be quite painful in Custobar. But no longer it is! You can see the conversion % of push campaigns in the campaign stats just like you do for emails.

Curiosity killed the cat, but made the marketer

The curious marketer can now dig deeper into the campaign results. Most of the numbers in your campaign stats are clickable and you can see who exactly opened your email, clicked on it or bought those sassy trainers. Investigate, know your audience - and perhaps plan a continuation campaign!

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it

A BIG list of customers. It’s tempting to mass mail them all. That’s just more sales, right?

It’s more sales only if the recipients are actively reading your emails. If they’re not, emailing all of them is like kicking yourself in the head. It may take a while, but eventually you’ll end up hurting yourself.

Do a service to your sender reputation and exclude inactive customers from email campaigns. It just got easier in Custobar!

Use the “last_email_activity_date” and “campaigns_since_last_email_activity” criteria to further define your audience. You can, for example, exclude customers who do not even open or click your emails.

  • last_email_activity_date - The date when a customer last time opened or clicked an email
  • campaigns_since_last_email_activity - Number of email campaigns customer received since they last time opened or clicked an email

Also check out our new guide on how to filter customer search results by date?

I remember when / I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

But what if you can’t remember when you uploaded that certain data into Custobar? We’ve fixed that for you as long as you remember the datasource!

You can now filter data import reports also by datasource. Click on the avatar icon at the top right corner to find the data import reports.


Is your profit margin correct in Custobar? The default profit margin in customer lifetime value (LTV) calculation in Custobar is 5%. Previously Custobar support was able to adjust your profit margin, but now you change it yourself from the advanced settings and make your numbers look just as good as you like them to be.

This is the sign of a merged customer!

Have you seen this icon in your customer list lately? It’s a sign of a customer data merged into one, and the new icon makes it easier to spot them.

Bug fixes

  • Products that are selling really well (more than 5000 times) used to have the wrong “First bought” date. It wasn’t actually the first date, it was the date of the 5000th sale. It’s been fixed now and we show you the real first bought date.

  • If there were 422 or 404 errors in Shopify customer updates, those got stuck on an endless loop of trying to update the customer. This has been fixed, the updates will stop automatically.