What’s up with Custobar in June 2022?

June 10, 2022 Custobar news

What’s up with Custobar in June 2022?

We’ve continued on the route of improving your Custobar user experience since our last news update. Some stuff is still in the pipeline, and some interesting bits and bobs are out! If you’re into Shopware 6, scroll down all the way to the bottom.

Knowledge is power (also in stores)

Probably this picture says it all:

Campaigns on customers’ timelines are now clickable and will take you precisely to the campaign action your customer received! Let your colleagues in stores know as well; they will surely benefit from this information.

And if you’re not using the Custobar in-store loyalty CRM in your stores yet, check out how the original Custobar super user, aka Record Store X, does it.

Order! Order in Custobar!

Here’s something small for those who work with the campaign actions in Custobar. Sorting the campaign actions works like a charm now. Go to Campaigns - Actions, and you’ll see a view similar to this:

{{< vimeo 721370365 >}}

And behold! There’s order in Custobar: you can sort your campaign actions according to their state, type or author. This is something that many of you have hoped for us to fix, and now it’s done.

Email template designer like Sunday morning

In other words: easy! We simplified the Custobar email template designer, which you will find helpful if you plan to create new or refresh old email templates.

The features are the same as before, but navigating between them is simpler now. Here’s how to create a template with the template designer.

Please remember not to edit custom-coded email templates with the email template designer. Such a thing would mess up their code.

Defeating the purpose

I once went to a bookstore and asked the salesperson where the self-help section was. They said that if they told me, it would defeat the purpose.

Let’s raise a glass for defeating the purpose! Here are some new and updated guides for helping yourself out with Custobar:

Nearly a Shopware 6 information overload 🙈

If Shopware 6 wasn’t so great, this much information would be too much to handle! But luckily, we love Shopware 6, our customers love Shopware 6, and our partner (who happens to be Shopware 6) also loves Shopware 6.

We’re live in the Shopware Store! Aka easy customer tracking for Shopware 6

Custobar’s Shopware 6 extension was recently published in the Shopware Store. Our whole team was so excited that we clicked the party popper 🎉 emoji many times in our internal chat!

The extension is so great that it injects the Custobar tracking code into any Shopware 6 store super easily (instructions here). With the tracking code in place, you can start tracking your identified customers’ browsing your products and configure the tracking for other goals if you like.

Also, remember to connect your Shopware 6 store to Custobar first if you haven’t done that yet.

Better data for you Shopware sixers

We’ve heard your feedback and improved the integration! Here are some fixes:

  • Marketing permissions from Shopware 6 into Custobar are updated with events when a customer subscribes or unsubscribes to the newsletter.
  • Are you looking for products by brand? Previously we fetched the “” field from Shopware 6 into the “vendor” field in Custobar. But as the “brand” field in Custobar is much more commonly used, and you requested this, we’re now showing the “” in the “brand” field in Custobar instead.
  • Are your products on sale? Where’s the sale price? Previously we showed both the regular and discounted price from Shopware 6 in the “price” field in Custobar. Now you can always see the regular price of the products in the “price” field and discounted price in the “sale_price” field.
  • No more empty import logs! Oops! Our Shopware 6 integration used to create empty import logs galore even when there was nothing new to update. We fixed that, and you can only see import logs of actual data imports in Custobar by clicking the avatar icon in the upper right corner and then “Data import reports”.

Thanks for making it this far!

Yours truly,
Product Owners Marika and Chadi, and the whole team of Custobarians