Abandoned cart email - When someone nearly makes a purchase, but not quite

Abandoned cart email - When someone nearly makes a purchase, but not quite

Imagine that your favourite online shop was a real, physical store. Now, imagine you could see all the other customers who entered the web store in addition to yourself. No matter how excellent your favourite shop is, you would also see abandoned shopping carts full of stuff. Carts discarded by customers who’ve been browsing and clicking things into their carts.

Some of these carts, though, were pushed by people with genuine intention to purchase.

But online, it’s easier to get distracted and forget about your cart. Your mom calls, you get a WhatsApp, you spill your soda on your keyboard. Or maybe your credit card was a bit too far away right at that moment.

Test: Are you taking care of your abandoned carts?

If you’re run an online shop, ask yourself four things:

  1. Do you know how many carts are being abandoned all over your shop every day?
  2. Do you know what your customers put in their abandoned carts and considered to purchase?
  3. Do you serve your customers well and ask if you can help them complete their purchase?
  4. If you do, do you know if they come back to complete their purchase?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then there’s still some work to be done with your abandoned cart automation.

Increase sales with Abandoned Cart email

Our customers who have created abandoned cart email automations in Custobar have a conversion rate up to 40 percent from those messages alone. For example, if 50 people a day discard their cart before payment, a simple email could make 20 of them come back and complete their purchase.

When the email is automatic, it can mean big wins with very little trouble!

What Custobar does for you:

  • It identifies your customer with a cookie or from their contact details.
  • It knows what your customer put in their cart, which makes it easy to recommend those products automatically.
  • Knows what products your customer has previously bought and browsed. You might want to recommend those too.

And obviously, Custobar also sends out the Abandoned Cart messages as soon as the automation has been set up!

Get in touch with our Customer Success team to get started, send an email to

How Finnish Design Shop does it

Our customer Finnish Design Shop has created an abandoned cart automation in multiple languages and with some variations. Custobar detects the audiences and sends out the messages, and Finnish Design Shop introduces what's new in their shop in addition to reminding their customers about the abandoned cart.

Finnish Design Shop's abandoned cart message