Release Notes November 2020

October 20, 2020 Custobar news

Release Notes November 2020

Here's what's new in Custobar this November! Improved customer satisfaction survey statistics, bulk deletion of customers and other enhancements. Take a look below to learn more.

Customer satisfaction survey statistics

The statistics view has been improved to show more details about the survey responses. The graph now shows the following information in addition to the existing data:

NPS Changes

  • Average NPS value for the selected date range
  • Total number of replies for the selected date range
  • The current NPS index value, if the selected date range ends with the current date
  • A graph of NPS values within a day

NPS Graph

Bulk deletion of customers

Customers can now be deleted using bulk delete feature in the customer search. You'll find the Bulk update option in the dropdown menu of the audience save button.

To delete customers, choose the field "is_deleted". Note that the deleted customers cannot be recovered.

bulk delete

Shopify integration update

Sale tags are now retrieved from Shopify for sales in Custobar

Sales from Shopify whose "financial_status" in Shopify is one of "pending", "authorized", "partially_paid" get the state PENDING_PAYMENT in Custobar

Other enhancements

  • The presentation of error messages in campaign actions has been improved with a "X Show all" link, where X is the number of errors.

Errors numbered

  • Template editor has been enhanced to include more precise error messages in the templates.
  • Image proxy supports now horizontal and vertical alignment of source images when resizing an image to a square.
  • Text suggestions are now sorted according to the best match rather than alphabetical order
  • New environments now have premade audiences
  • In campaign statistics view the clicks are now grouped by url, regardless of the link position in the email. In the click map these links are still considered separate
  • Improved validation of email before sending the test mail. Now there is a clear warning before sending a test mail without senders name or email address
  • Email content editor can now style email elements based on product data

Bug fixes

  • The browser back button now preserves the history in the campaign browser view and allows stepping back folders
  • GDPR data request had failed because of an error in fetching sale data, this has now been fixed

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