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Next to everyone who joins us for an online demo session or data consultation leaves the meeting full of excitement with what they could be using their customer data for. Now, it’s your turn.

Why spend 30 minutes with us?

  • Customer data is your most valuable asset. If you’re not using it, you’re wasting your most valuable asset.
  • You will get a quick analysis of your current customer data situation.
  • You’ll get new ideas on how to utilize customer data to execute hyper-targeted marketing and improve your retention rate.
  • You learn how Custobar’s innovations take your customer experience and relationship to the next level.
  • You will get a personal guided tour into the most visual and flexible customer data and marketing automation platform.
  • After the meeting, you can get a free Custobar demo account if you wish.

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Tatu Kuivalahti

Tatu Kuivalahti

CEO & Founding Partner, Custobar Ltd.

Aleksi Montonen

Aleksi Montonen

Head of Business Development, Custobar Ltd.