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Sanoma Custom Audiences

Sanoma Media Finland is the country’s leading media house. The company offers newspapers, magazines, events, tv and radio channels, online and mobile media.

This Sanoma - Custobar integration enables you to use customer data in media advertising. It is at the moment the only CDP integration that enables the use of first-party data in targeting ads in the Sanoma network. No third party cookies needed!


  • a new medium to reach customers whose information you have in your customer data platform
  • possibility to attract new customers based on lookalike audiences from your existing customer base
  • safe and GDPR proof way to do customer matching
  • no more manual file import-export
  • customer data can be automatically updated in the Sanoma audiences
  • more cost-effective media purchases through excluding non-relevant customers
  • possibility to measure both offline and online sales conversions of the campaigns


  • removing customers from retargeting who have recently made a purchase
  • targeting those customers who don’t’ want to receive email marketing or don’t open your emails
  • finding similar audiences based on your best customers or similar segments based on purchase behaviour
  • possibility to use all the customer data collected in Custobar CDP to create audiences and target them in Sanoma networks
  • possibility to understand the online and offline consumer behaviour and media usage of your segments using Sanoma analytics services

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