In-store loyalty CRM

In-store loyalty CRM

It would be hard to imagine a modern salesperson not having access to customer data. However, tricky and expensive integrations have been a barrier between CRM and point of sale for years now.

Custobar Store Dashboard will give you full support for omni-channel customer experience. We’d like to explain why putting your customer data in the hands of your staff on the shop floor will improve your business in various ways.

Increase your service level

Increase your service level

CRM Point of sales

  • Quick and easy to create, edit, or delete customer profiles.
  • Enrich and complete customers’ details or interests for better targeting.
  • Know your customer – access to Customer 360° view
    • Online and offline transactions
    • Received campaigns
    • Lifetime value
    • See individual product recommendations

Support your salespeople

Memorable and impression-forming, face-to-face encounters are the ideal channel in which to differentiate from competitors. Why not give your point-of-sale staff all the support you can to help them win sales and build customer engagement and loyalty?

We have compared the most popular CRM software interfaces for point of sale, and frankly, we were unimpressed. At Custobar, in our collaboration with Europe’s leading retail brands, we always focus first on the end-customer need.

Easy and optimized UI Swift, intuitive access to customer data and insights on desktop or tablet.

Improve customer experience Don’t exclude your own sales staff from the omni-channel customer journey. Help them do their job better by providing access to everything from purchase histories to product recommendations.

Remove purchase obstacles Allow customers to modify their details at the touch-point most convenient for them.

Not a cashier system But naturally, all transactions can be sent to Custobar via the API.

CRM Point of sales combination

For retailers, the full benefits of digitalisation cannot be realised until they take ownership of data gathered from every channel, and go on to use the results in every channel.

Custobar Store Dashboard is available for customers with an optional CRM licence. Based on your customer data you can also build your own custom UI with the Custobar API.