Create loyalty with add-ons

Custobar add-ons take our CDP and marketing automation software to the next level. Add-ons are essential in identifying your customers, nurturing your customer relationships, and suggesting what marketing strategies and actions steps to take next.

Consumer businesses

  • extensive feature set of add-ons
  • product information integration to campaign editor
  • Improved customer experience & engagement


  • in-store interface for point-of-sale
  • digital loyalty card
  • product information integration to campaign editor


  • ready-to-use services
  • flexible API services
  • custom UI with Custobar API

Here is what you get

In-store interface (Custobar store dashboard)

In-store interface (Custobar store dashboard)


  • make customer data available for salespeople and call centers
  • increased service level
  • improved customer experience
  • possibility to build your own custom UI with the Custobar API


  • simplified and quick access of specific customer information, such as their latest actions and purchases
  • direct customer data edits
  • copy customer data to clipboard for transferring to third party systems
  • sign in with pin code
Coupon codes

Coupon codes


  • reward your VIP customers or activate your passive customers with discounts or gifts in the form of single use, unique coupon codes
  • customer identification based on coupon
  • improve customer experience & engagement


  • manage multiple lists of single use coupon codes
  • can be embedded into emails, SMS messages, or push notifications
  • choose coupon list on the basis on campaign action
  • subscribe to alerts when coupon codes are about to run out (with the help of tech team)
Loyalty card (mobile)

Loyalty card (mobile)


  • increase customer loyalty through promotions exclusive to loyalty program members
  • publish targeted campaigns directly on the mobile loyalty card
  • a variety of customer communications possibilities


  • easy to integrate
  • mobile, but without the need for the development of a costly mobile app
  • replaces plastic loyalty cards
  • infallible
  • completely themeable web page
  • loyalty card link can be sent via SMS or email
Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction survey


  • build useful, comparable, performance metrics
  • receive continuous feedback on your performance & your customers’ expectations
  • take correct and relevant action steps to improve and/or rectify
  • leverage customer satisfaction survey data to improve customer experience


  • collect feedback using an NPS (net promoter score) compatible survey in two easy steps (choose score, give open feedback)
  • feedback given is added to customer data (individual customer’s timeline)
  • survey results can be calculated using NPS or by averaging the score
Product recommendations

Product recommendations


  • you can boost your online recommendations with your offline data
  • use data insights to drive sales in multiple channels
  • use product recommendations as dynamic content in your email, app, etc.
  • improve customer experience and drive sales in retail by making relevant data available for salespeople


  • customer specific and generic recommendations
  • source data from sales and customer’s events/actions
  • product recommendation exclusions (e.g. much sold plastic bags)
  • uses AI algorithm
Product stickers

Product stickers


  • since product information is at the core features of Custobar, product information can simply be dragged-and-dropped into marketing messages
  • easy manipulation of product images; here by adding custom stickers
  • marketing messages enriched super easily by superimposed discount stickers, certificates and/or branding over the product image


  • attach small .jpg or .png images as overlays to product images that go through image proxy
  • define the size, corner and inset from that corner for the overlay image
  • drag-and-drop sticker images in the email editor over product images
Google Customer Match

Google Customer Match


  • safe and GDPR proof way to do customer matching
  • no more manual file import-export
  • a new medium to reach customers whose information you have in your customer data platform
  • customer data can be automatically updated in the Google Ads audiences
  • smarter and more efficient marketing campaigns


  • removing customers from the retargeting who have recently made a purchase
  • targeting those customers who don’t’ want to receive email marketing
  • finding similar audiences based on your best customers or similar segments based on purchase behaviour
  • including customer data from all channels to Google audiences

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