April 2019 - Release notes

April 23, 2019 Custobar news

April 2019 - Release notes

The April 2019 release notes marks the first edition of monthly release notes published by Custobar, to inform customers and partners about changes in the worlds first customer data platform designed for retail companies.

The subsequent release notes are published on the first week of each month and contain all the rolling updates done in the preceding four weeks.

For more information about the contents of this release notes and how to apply them in your business, please contact Custobar support at

Shopify add-on

  • Custobar can be now integrated directly to multiple Shopify shops to synchronise customers, sales, products and events between them.
  • The add-on is now out of beta and in use by one of our customers in an environment where there are different store fronts in multiple countries.
  • If you are thinking of switching to Shopify or would like to enable Shopify as one of your Custobar's data sources, please contact our support.
  • Shopify integration

Push campaign action

Custobar user can now create push automations and campaigns that send notifications to other services on the internet, such as customer support tools or other sales automation tools.

There are two new action types, Push and Automated push, which can be chosen from the New action dialog.

The content of push actions is a JSON document, which can be freely designed to suit the target endpoint's specification.

Filter products by shop in content editor

Starting from this release, products and templates can be designated a shop through shop_id, where they belong to.

By defining both the shop_id on the template and in the imported products, you may control which products are available in the content editor for a given template.

With this application, you may create multiple templates for separate brands or countries, that have their own set of products.

Example: One template for Sweden market and one template for the Finnish market. Now we can assign neatly the items available for each case, without danger of mixing the products accidentally.

Settings improvements

Custobar settings have been overhauled and contain new options that can be defined by the administrators.