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Say goodbye to scattered customer, sales and other touchpoint data. Custobar customer data platform (CDP) unifies all behavioural and purchase data - from both online and physical channels - into a single, actionable, user friendly interface enabling quick and easy, segmented multichannel customer communications and automations. Custobar is designed specifically for multi-channel consumer businesses that want to provide an omnichannel customer experience. Multichannel in our vocabulary can mean for example online store and physical stores, mobile app and web, online store and customer service. The key point is that we combine the data from all the channels where you meet the customer - digitally or face to face.

Here is what you get

Customer 360° view

Customer 360° view


  • better customer service quality by review of customer’s profile and transaction history
  • upsell potential products and services by utilizing customer data


  • show key indicators and statistics about customer behaviour
  • a visual timeline view of all customer touchpoints - full customer journey
  • possibility to edit customer data and update changes in real time to other systems
  • configurable views for different user groups
  • add notes to customer timeline
  • modify marketing permissions and tags connected to the customer
  • GDPR compatible forgetting of customers and exports of all customer data
  • Define customer links that link to other external systems
Audience & customer search

Audience & customer search


  • complex and automated loyalty programs with highly relevant messaging
  • enhanced customer experience and digital engagement through personalized marketing messages


  • audience search is a set of customers matching search results at a certain time; for example: ‘customers who bought product X within seven days’ at ‘a week from the activation moment of a campaign action’
  • dynamic audiences: audience counts change with every data change
  • all customer data imported to Custobar is searchable
  • possibility to create complicated searches via easy UI: and/or/include/exclude/value ranges/dynamic dates, etc.
  • possibility for countless customer segments (audiences)
  • visibility to full and visual audience profile that is undergoing work/edits
Customer edit form

Customer edit form


  • up-to-date tools for salespersons and customer support personnel for one-to-one communications
  • features enable customization for your specific business needs


  • simplified user interface for customer service people to edit customer data
  • define editable form fields on the basis of user groups
  • define mandatory and optional fields
  • fill address fields automatically by partial data entry
  • validate customer data’s well-formedness
  • promote generated users into regular users
  • further tailoring & extended fields possible by user rights
RFM matrix

RFM matrix


  • find your best customers
  • identify best revenue sources
  • customize & automate marketing messages for VIPs, new, passive, and those customers you are in danger of losing


  • user-friendly, ready-to-use, highly visual & intuitive tool for customer segmentation based on consumer behaviour
  • in-built & dynamic
  • combines the recency (R), frequency (F) and monetary value (M) of your customer’s data
  • launch targeted customer messages with two click
Data schemas

Data schemas


  • searchable and targetable data available for all marketing needs
  • extended data models open up new marketing possibilities with wider selections of products and services


  • define data schemas to your particular business needs
  • define data schemas for customers, digital engagement, products, and sales
  • validate imported data against data schemas
  • manipulate data with different variables
  • possibility to add transformations to imported data
Data imports and exports

Data imports and exports


  • possibility to create a real customer 360° view
  • marketing automation
  • unified customer profiles which are synchronized to all relevant systems
  • real knowledge of who your customer is
  • transactional messages
  • APIs to display and ad channels
  • customer service is always on top of the data, wherever they are & whatever they need the data for


  • realtime multichannel customer data in
  • realtime multichannel customer data out
  • industry standard APIs
  • data imports: browsing data with 1st party cookies, offline sales data, online sales data, mobile app data, customer service tickets
  • data exports: email, SMS, push notifications, etc.

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