Features that can make you a sales champion

Do you sell both in retail stores and online? Do you have a loyalty program? Custobar is the only salestool that collects data from all sources. It can turn anyone into a sales champion.

Easy yet powerful segmentation tool

Pick target groups based on their customer behaviour: offline purchases, online purchases, web browsing, buying behaviour or any other customer touchpoint data.

Exclude groups from your search, for example, if they have already received messages during the same week.

360° view of every individual customer

Use statistics such as amounts and values of purchases, life-time value and purchases in different categories.

Create personified product recommendations that can be used in customer service, in the web shop and in direct advertising.

Transaction timeline shows all customer touchpoints.

Custobar can be integrated to call centres and chat systems. Your view of the customer data opens even before the dialogue begins.

Multi-channel campaigns

Thanks to our easy-to-use interface, you can build a targeted campaign in just a few minutes, no expert skills needed.

You’re free to use your own visual identity and message templates. We offer only carefully tested responsive message templates that look great.

You can communicate with your customers through email, SMS, letters, targeted banners (on your website) and targeted Facebook and Google ads.

Campaign statistics

Custobar closes the loop by showing results that you can compare to your targets.

Shows how many people bought campaign products combining both online and offline sales data.

Powerful automation

Dynamic targeting means that messages are posted to customers as soon as they fill certain target group criteria. The criteria can be dynamically altered.

Custobar can react with a campaign to any event in real time.

Take care of standard retail routines such as welcome messages to new clients, abandoned shopping cart messages and activation messages to passive customers.

Import data from all touchpoints

With our simple API you can import customer, product and transaction data from all customer encounters.

Data can be imported to Custobar in batches or in real time.

We can also boost your consumer data with data from external sources.

Keeps you on top of regulation

GDPR for retail

Making sure your customer data is up to date is not only an increasingly necessary legal requirement: it also has distinct business advantages.

Custobar has inbuilt features to help you comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU directive which will come into force in 2018.

This includes limiting system access to personal data to a need-to know basis, giving customers easy access to their own information, and minimising manual processing. This all leads to more accurate customer data, reduced effort, and better data security.

Are you prepared for 2018? Read more about GDRP for retail


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