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Features that can make you
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Service encounters, both physical and digital, are the ideal place to differentiate, but without fit-for-purpose multi-channel tools, sales are slipping through retailers’ fingers. Custobar is the only sales and marketing platform designed with retail at heart from the very beginning.

Powerful segmentation tool

Easy segmentation for targeted campaigns

Pick target groups based on their customer behaviour: offline purchases, online purchases, web browsing, buying behaviour or any other customer touchpoint data. Ready to use from day one.

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Multi-channel campaigns

Multi-channel campaigns

Send messages through email, direct mail, SMS, online and social media. Even ads! Understand the customer's preferences and life-cycle in all interactions. Thanks to our easy-to-use interface, you can build a targeted campaign in just a few minutes, no expert skills needed.

Facebook Custom Audiences from your customers

In-store UI

Face-to-face encounters are the ideal channel in which to differentiate from competitors.

Give all the support you can to your point-of-sale staff via in-store UI. Based on your customer data you can build your own custom UI with the Custobar API or use our ready-made Store Dashboard.

A real 360° view of every customer

Individual customers

Custobar helps you master campaign segments based on how your customers shop, how they respond to marketing in different media, and how they behave online.

Use statistics such as amounts and values of purchases, life-time value and purchases in different categories.

Campaign statistic

Conversion and sales numbersEasy segmentation for targeted campaigns

Refine and repeat. Track the results in actual sales numbers. This makes it easy to repeat successful campaigns (seasonally, for example, or automated for regular dispatch), improving as you go. Custobar closes the loop by showing results that you can compare to your targets.

Powerful marketing automation

Powerful automation for retail

Dynamic targeting means that messages are posted to customers as soon as they fill certain target group criteria. The criteria can be dynamically altered.

Take care of standard retail routines such as welcome messages to new clients, abandoned shopping basket messages and activation messages to passive customers.

Increase your sales with marketing automation

Power of transactional messages

RFM matrix removes the guesswork from customer segmentation

RFM model tool

Custobar’s inbuilt RFM matrix allows you to identify your new, VIP, passive and “lost” customers based on when they have been active and how often they have purchased, and quickly launch campaigns to reach these different groups.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations

Get personified product recommendations based on all your data. These can be used in customer service, in the web shop and in direct advertising.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

An easy and powerful tool for gathering customer feedback and building useful, comparable performance metrics: the Satisfaction Survey.

Confidentiality first - For opticians and pharmacies

For retailers, the benefits of digitalisation cannot be realised until they take ownership of data gathered from every channel and use the results in every channel.

Create truly meaningful communication.