Houston Analytics’ AI Integration with Custobar


Houston Analytics AI

Our partner Houston Analytics’ Armstrong One is an AI solution that predicts customer behaviour on an individual level. It analyses the customer data collected in Custobar, learns from it and perfects its action.

In practice, Armstrong One can, for example, automate processes, predict the behaviour of an individual customer, and optimise what messages to send, through what channel and at what time.

Less manual work and more automated optimisation lead to more personalised marketing and better conversions.

How does Armstrong One work in practice?

Armstrong One has three categories of customer journey modules: Attract, Grow and Retain. You can choose any of these pre-built modules that bring you the most value.

Armstrong One journey models for all customer stages

To read more about how integrating Armstrong One to Custobar works in practice, head to our blog.

Business benefits

  • AI can predict what your customers like and how they will act and optimize your messaging accordingly. When there are less guessing and more data-based decisions marketing, it will result in better conversions. AI supercharges dialogue performance on average by 8,3 times.
  • AI optimizing the campaigns will also save you valuable working time.
  • Using AI to process customer data enables truly personalized marketing that customers want to receive. More personal customer communication improves customer retention.

How to get in action?

Please contact us at or get in touch with your Custobar Account Manager and we’ll get the ball rolling. Together with Houston Analytics, we’ll help you to find the best modules and take care of the rest for you. That’s all it takes.

How much does the integration cost?

The Houston Analytics’ Armstrong One AI integration is a software as a service (SaaS) product. It has a monthly price per customer journey module. The pricing depends on the number of your contacts (unique, identified customer with an email address, or phone number).

Pricing starts from 250 euros per month per module (for 25 000 contacts).