Manage and market to your Shopify customers with a customer data platform

Having all the customer sales and product data in one place, marketing and sales team can create and track a relevant multi-channel campaign for every occasion.

Integrate Shopify seamlessly to Custobar to gain insights and perform effective marketing activities.

Collect all your customer journey data into a unified 360° view

Gain insights such as how your customers shop, how they respond to marketing campaigns in different media, and how they behave online and perform effective marketing activities.

Create and track marketing automations

Understanding the customer’s preferences and life-cycle in all interactions is a key to effective campaigns. Ensure the next purchase by sending relevant messages at the right time on the right channel: email, SMS, onsite-banners, direct mail or Google Ads. Even push messages to your own app.

Increase conversion rates through targeted and personalized marketing automation based on customer behaviour: offline purchases, online purchases, web browsing, buying behaviour or any other customer touchpoint data with easy to use drag-and-drop-segmentation tool.

Integration in a nutshell

  • Retrieves and syncs customers between Shopify and Custobar
  • Drag-and-drop Shopify products into messages: images, descriptions, up-to-data price, discounts and availability
  • Use online purchases and customer behaviour for targeted communication
  • Instructs Shopify to send real-time data updates to Custobar
  • Utilise enriched data collected from any 3rd party apps, like rewards and loyalty in your communication


How do I combine Shopify data with my offline data, like in-store sales?
Custobar has a flexible and configurable data model, to which any kind of customer data can be imported via API. Custobar unifies data to a single actionable customers.

Can I combine multiple Shopify shops into one Custobar?
Yes, you may integrate multiple Shopify shops into one Custobar.

Does the integration work for Shopify Plus?
Yes, it does.

The Shopify app is free, how much does a Custobar licence cost?
See our plans and pricing.

Do you provide support? Yes, we do. Our support team will answer your questions at

Are you in GDPR compliance?
Yes, we are. With the integration your customer data will be taken care off, both from online and in store.