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What data is imported from Shopware 6 into Custobar?

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Do you need to know in more detail what data is imported from Shopware 6 into Custobar when you use Custobar’s Shopware 6 integration?

In the following tables you can see which fields are updated to Custobar from the fields available in Shopware 6 and how they are mapped.

Customer data fields
Product data fields
Sale data fields
Newsletter subscribers

Customer data fields

Custobar field Shopware 6 field Notes
external_id customerNumber
shopware6_customer_id id
shopware6_guest guest
first_name firstName
last_name lastName
email email
shopware6_salutation_displayname for example Mr., Herr, depending on language
shopware6_salutation_lettername for example Dear Mr., Sehr geehrter Herr
company company
language for example en, de
birth_date birthday for example en, de
country for example DE, FI
last_login lastLogin
shop_id id of Shopware sales channel
shopware6_shop_domain for example
can_email newsletter

Product data fields

Custobar field Shopware 6 field Notes
external_id id
title name (but if the product is a variant, a suffix like (variant SW20007.1) is added which has the productNumber in parenthesis) For example Ground mustard (brown), LINE Product Variants (variant SW20007.1)
main_product_ids If this product is a variant, id of parent product
price "gross" price from Shopware
description description
ean ean
visible active
company company
in_stock stock boolean in Custobar, number in Shopware
weight for example 11.13 kg
date updatedAt if it's non-null, otherwise createdAt
unit packUnitPlural or packUnit for example Flasche(n)
shopware6_raw_title name unchanged name field from Shopware, even if the product is a variant
shopware6_properties See Shopware's documentation
shopware6_options For example [{'name': 'Selection', 'values': ['salt mill']}]
shopware6_product_number productNumber
shopware6_net_price "net" price from Shopware (normal price field has the "gross" price
shopware6_tax_rate taxRate
shopware6_shop_domain for example Same as for Customers.

Sale data fields

Custobar field Shopware 6 field Notes
external_id id
email email
shop_id id of Shopware sales channel, same as for Customer
shopware6_order_number orderNumber
payment_method For example: ["Invoice"] or ["Cash on delivery"] (a list of strings)
shipping_method For example Standard (a string)
shopware6_latest_payment_status transaction.stateMachineState.technicalName For example open, paid, chargeback
shopware6_latest_delivery_status delivery.stateMachineState.technicalName For example open, shipped, returned_partially
shipping shippingsCosts.totalPrice
shipping_in_currency Either this or shipping, as described in Custobar documentation
total price.totalPrice
shopware6_shop_domain for example Same as for Customers.

Newsletter subscribers

Marketing permissions from Shopware 6 into Custobar are updated with events when a customer subscribes or unsubscribes to the newsletter.

The MAIL_SUBSCRIBE event turns the marketing permission on in Custobar, while the MAIL_UNSUBSCIBE event turns it off.

MAIL_SUBSCRIBE and MAIL_UNSUBSCRIBE events update the following customer data:

  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • shop_id
  • customer_language
  • can_email (the marketing permission is turned on when the newsletter subscriber status in Shopware is "optIn" or "direct" otherwise, the marketing permission is not on)