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What is Custobar’s Shopware 6 integration?

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Are you a Shopware 6 merchant or partner looking for a Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform? Synchronise customers, products and sales data from Shopware 6 to Custobar. The setup takes only some minutes.


  • Easy integration with Shopware 6, just a few clicks and no coding!
  • Synchronize customers, products (including variants) and sales data from Shopware 6 to Custobar once an hour. Keep all of your data constantly updated.
  • Update marketing permissions - automatic synch of subscribed and unsubscribed newsletter recipients from Shopware 6 to Custobar.
  • Audiences - Create audience segments based on any of your customer data, like purchase data or customers’ interests.
  • Order status updates - Orders and their statuses are updated from Shopware 6 to Custobar once an hour. Create transactional messages to update customers about their order status and more.
  • Products - Drag and drop your products synced from into emails to promote deals and new items.
  • Connect multiple Shopware stores - Use this integration to combine customer, product and sales data in one place from several Shopware stores.
  • You can activate the integration from within Custobar customer data platform (CDP).

Planned features

Please get in touch with if you’re interested in having these or other features in our future releases of this integration. These are initial plans, so your feedback will make a difference.

  • Real-time data updates.
  • 2-way integration - Synchronise customer data from Custobar to Shopware 6.