After setting up a regular newsletter schedule and configuring a couple of automations, you might find yourself asking "what next?". With the Insights feature, we hope to give you some actionable, data-driven call to actions inviting you to either set up a campaign or discover a guide to get more value out of your Custobar usage.

The Insights are pop-up messages that appear based on your real-time metrics and the state of your data. They aim to give you ideas on how to best use Custobar and take actions where data dictates would have the biggest impact.

General insights view

As this is a dynamic feature, the use cases will constantly expand to try and give you the most relevant insights based on your own usage and the state of your data at any given time.

Once presented with a pop-up, you can click to be taken to a guide or a ready-made audience of those customers, which should help you set up new campaigns or automations in just a few clicks. No data crunching here, simply follow our Insights if they make sense to you!

You can also dismiss them safely, the notifications will still be visible in the notifications dashboard should you want to revisit them later.

Insights in the dashboard

Of course the goal here is to help you take actions, but we hope they will also give you ideas to build upon in your overall use of Custobar. As always, the right message at the right time through the right channel is the way! So keep in mind to adjust your campaigns to your audience and remember to personalize your content to tailor it to your readers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer support.